[French courses]

At « 2 Coquelicots », our aim is not to be too conventional but to link learning with entertainment. We hope you are of the same mind… The majority of the course will be held outdoors in natural environment, weather and level of French permitting!
We hope that by enjoying the surroundings whilst you are learning, and experiencing ‘real’ French culture, you will retain more French language from the course.


We provide intensive or semi-intensive courses in France for adults who wish to combine a French course with a holiday or want to improve their knowledge to live in France. We also design specific courses for professionals, interpreters, teachers and students.

alacarteEveryday French : is Settling in France already a reality or will it be soon? Are you a foreigner in a French speaking town (e.g. Luxembourg, Brussels)? Come & learn or revise your everyday French… French courses for adults on a one-to-one basis, for couples or groups of 4 to 8 persons maximum.

French is your working language? Are you a foreigner in a French firm, dealing with import/export, etc? Please look at the page « Stage de français pour professionnels« 

Are you an interpreter ? Are you looking for specific French course for interpreters, active or passive French, from A2 level? Please find all the information about French course for interpreters here

Are you a French teacher and do you wish to refresh your French? Then consult the page « Stage de français pour professeur de FLE étranger« 

We also design special courses for you!


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These one to several week courses will allow you to practise the language in everyday situations, whether you are learning or doing exercises with your teacher, or visiting a location with a guide, doing the shopping at the local markets, etc. Your teacher wil accompany you at all times and you will benefit from explanations, and their knowledge of France and the language. We aim to give you a good knowledge of our culture and way of life whilst visiting the area, using discussions and by sharing extra time together.